Black American Woman Give Reasons Why She is Personally Attracted to Nigerian Men


As our world of today is gradually becoming a global village, many people now look beyond geographical locations in search of love and happiness.

This is the situation of an American black woman by name, Angel Lives who took time to detail why and what she love about Nigerian men and why she’s so attracted to them.

Her first reason was:

1) Nigerian Men can compliment: she claimed that Nigerian guys knows how to make a lady feel special with what they say.

2) They Accent: I’ve never heard anyone say he/she love Nigerians because of they accent but guess what, she listed this as her number two reason why she’s more attracted to Nigerian guys.

3) Nigerian guys say what their feel the way it is: She also said that Nigerian guys know how to express themselves through words unlike Americans who loves to play cool in other to win a woman over.

4) Nigerian men wants to settle down: she further stated that most Nigerian men go into relationships with an intention of settling down and building something with their partner.

5) Nigerian Men are family oriented: She also stated that Nigerian men knows how to provide for their family unlike Americans who would like to share the bills between the two of them.

I hope this confession from an American woman inspires you as you journey to find your Nigerian prince charming.

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