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BLACK DAY😭💔! ! ! Gunmen Storms Imo, Kill 7 Security Operatives In Cold Blood, SEE How It Happened

Screenshot 2022 08 04 at 18 04 18 Scooper News BLACK DAY😭💔 Gunmen Storms Imo Kill 7 Security Operatives In Cold Blood SEE How It Happened

BLACK DAY😭💔! ! ! Gunmen Storms Imo, Kill 7 Security Operatives In Cold Blood, SEE How It Happened

According to reports, seven security guards were murdered by unknown assailants while on duty in the Umuafom autonomous community located in Orogwe, inside the Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State.

A source claims that the assailants carried out their mission in a gestapo- like manner, stating that they arrived in the region on Monday night in two cars and a bike and murdered the local guards who were stationed at their duty posts in various spots across the area.

According to the source, a commercial motorcyclist who is currently being treated at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri due to a gunshot wound sustained was said to have ran into the bandits while the operation was going on, and while he was trying to escape, he was shot in the leg. The source went on to give more details about the incident.

Another victim who is now being treated at the Federal medical facility for their injuries got a machete cut while attempting to flee the scene of the crime.

This terrible incidence has sparked terror in the neighborhood, and some inhabitants are temporarily departing the area for a safer domicile out of concern that locals would be attacked in retaliation. This worry is fueled by the knowledge that all seven of the local guards are not native to the state of Imo.

He pleaded with the community to remain calm and not panic as the police will provide adequate security in the area.

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