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After Blaming Dead Farmers For The Attack, Look At What Shehu Said Again That Got Lot Of Reactions

After Nigerians Reacted Angrily To Shehu’s Comment, Blaming The Dead Farmers For The Attack That Led To Their Death By Boko Haram Terrorists, Look At What He Said Again

The report about the massacre that happened in Zabarmari village in Borno state where 43 farmers were slaughtered by Boko Haram terrorists had been the trending topic on the social media lately.

The news has caused so many reactions by Nigerians. The insecurity in the country is at the height, and military operatives are trying their best to subdue it, but it has been difficult for them.

Apart from Boko Haram terrorists, there are other criminal activities like banditry, fulani herdsmen and others disturbing the peace of the society.

The north-east region have suffered several attacks lately and the attack that led to the killing of 43 innocent farmers is one of the biggest attack Nigeria has recorded.

During BBC interview with Shehu Garba, the senior special assistant on media and publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari’s said the farmers didn’t request for military clearance before going to the field, and military personnel weren’t aware about their activities in the farm, saying that the farmers are to be blamed for the incident that occurred in the Zabarmari village.

After saying that, lot of Nigerians began to condemn him for his statement, and that made him trend on social media today.

Following the drama that resulted to Nigerians reacting to his statement angrily, Shehu Garba took to his official twitter account handle again. In his statement, he said:

“Today, I found myself leading the trends in the social media for the wrong reasons.”

However, he said Borno state is a military zone as a result of the insecurity that have been ravaging the state where traders, administration officials and even United Nations ‘UN’ agencies need signal to go to many of the areas to avoid problem of insecurity.

He said the only question he was trying to answer during BBC interview was whether the military operatives declared the area to be free from terrorists and mines, which is no.

In more statements in his official twitter account handle, he said:

“I’m human with tons of compassion and empathy, and could not have said that the victims deserved their fate for ignoring security clearance.

“I was merely explaining the mode of military operations in the war zone of the Northeast. There are areas that are still volatile that require security clearance which is intended to put people out of harm’s way.

“When tragedies occur, questions arise in terms of how something happened in order to avoid future recurrence. Informing the military of our movements in an area of volatility and uncertainty is intended to preserve public safety.” He said.

He therefore concluded that he was only explaining the safe movement of military procedures, and he is never supporting the killing of the innocent farmers

After his conclusion, some social media users reacted to his statements.

Check out what they are saying below:

What’s your reactions about this issue?

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