BLOOD NEVER LIES! Amara Kanu Flaunts Lovely Photos Of Her Lookalike Father As He Celebrates Birthday -

BLOOD NEVER LIES! Amara Kanu Flaunts Lovely Photos Of Her Lookalike Father As He Celebrates Birthday


Birthdays are special and unique days we thank God for the gift of life. It’ s a moment of joy for both the celebrants and their loved ones. Nothing can be used to compare birthday celebrations because, life is the ultimate. As we know, we must have to be alive to achieve success in life.

Today is a happy and joyful day in the lives of Amara Kanu and her entire households. As a matter of fact, Amara is celebrating her father’ s birthday today. What a great day to experience such unforgettable event.


Just in, Amara took to her official instagram page to flaunt lovely photos of her father as he turns a year older today. This is good news. People are always happy when their parents are gradually growing old in good health. It gives them that sense of having special gifts in their lives.

Amara Kanu is very happy today, because it’ s an exceptional day in her life. When she alerted her fans and followers on her Instagram page, they trooped in en mass to wish her father, a happy born day today.


Just so you know, Amara is a fitness coach who has achieved greater things in life. All thanks to her father for guiding her well in life. In her caption, She stated that her father taught her never to leave anything she has to do today till tomorrow.

This is because, procrastination steals our time. When you procrastinate, it steals your time and you will still not get that thing done. Amara is a woman who hasn’ t forgotten the teachings and trainings of her parents during her childhood days.


Obviously, that’ s what is keeping her going in life. Our parents are always there to guide us through life’ s hurdles. No wonder, people will stop at nothing when it comes to their parents birthdays. Just the way Amara is doing today.

To the birthday celebrant, as you add a new age to your year, may God’ s blessings never depart from you and your family.


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