Bobrisky Finally Reacts To His Debt Allegation, READ What He Told His Lender


If you are familiar with Bobrisky, you will realize that the crossdresser loves controversy. If there is anything Bob loves more, it’ s being dragged on Instagram.

This is the most practical way of making money as a celebrity, because the more controversial you are, the more companies come to you for advertising and ambassadorial deals.


The issue this content contains didn’ t just start. If you look closely, you will see that Bobrisky made headlines a few days ago. The controversial crossdresser was called out on the video- photo sharing app, Instagram.

It was exposed that the crossdresser borrowed money from a babe in Abuja whose name was undisclosed. It was said that Bob borrowed the sum of N20m from this anonymous person, who had said that he would call him out if he refused to pay.

This was made public a few days after Bobrisky’ s astonishing birthday party.


It was alleged that Bobrisky had been pleading with this lender, claiming that he had been facing one issue or the other with his bank. Bobrisky begged her to allow him some time because his bank account was frozen after his ongoing court case became viral.

It didn’ t stop there. N20m is a huge sum of money that has to be meant for something. In the post, it was said that Bob used this money to fund his 30th birthday.

Continuing, it was also revealed that the money the crossdresser was sprayed with on his 30th birthday is still hidden somewhere in his house. He refused to take it to the bank because he was scared of not being able to access his bank account.


Bobrisky has now reacted to the allegation. The crossdr, who promised he would not be replying to allegations on social media, again said that no one had lent him money and anyone who claims to be his lender should step out now to the public with proof.


This is the second time Bobrisky has been called out due to debt in less than two weeks. What do you know? You can talk with me using the comments section.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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