Bobrisky Revealed, How He Became A Woman (Video)

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Bobrisky shares the story of his Life and how she became a woman, says her mother taught her how to be a woman.

My Name is Idris, Iam popularly Known as Bobrisky, I am 28 years old, my dad married 3 wives and my mum is the last wife.

My dad has 9 children and I am the General Last born, The first wife had 6, the second wife had one and my mum had 2.

Growing up was a bit difficult because at the age of 8 my dad and mum separated, so my dad said that since am the last born, i should go and stay with my mum while my brother stays with him.

At that time, i was a boy, my mummy use to show me lots of things, she taught me how to cook, how to be so confident, she taught me alot of things.

When i was a boy, i use to behave like a girl; small, small, my daddy asked my mum “why is your daughter behaving like a girl”? and my mum replied, that is how she saw me oo, that is who i am, that nobody should judge me.

And from there, my mum taught me lots of things an i love to do women things.

My mum died 10 years ago, she use to be a trader, she had a store at Lagos Island where she sells cloth. I go to the shop and i saw how she hustle, and i really love how she put me through things in life; “be our self Never allow anybody to judge you, be who you are”

After my secondary school, i opened up to my mum that i would love to be a woman, that i see how she cook, how she dresses and look so beautiful.

At that time, my mother use to have plenty boy friends, she encouraged me to be who i want to be, be my self that she will never judge me, From there i started becoming myself.

when she died, life was not easy until i fully became who i am today.


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