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Body of man buried 41 years ago found intact in Ondo (Photos)

A coffin containing the body of a man buried 41 years ago was unearthed on Wednesday, with the remains of the man found intact after it was exhumed.

The building where the body was discovered in Iro area of Akure, the Ondo State capital, was turned to a ‘tourist centre’ as residents trooped there to have a glimpse of the body of the man buried in 1978.

Nigerian Tribune gathered that the body was discovered in the house, which had been marked for demolition to pave way for road construction going on in the area.

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A source explained that the intact body of the man, identified as Baba Boboye, was discovered when family members decided to evacuate his remains to give room for the construction.

The source said: “All the occupants of the building had been issued quit notices while the family decided to exhume the body and transfer it to another area.

“But to their surprise, the body was discovered intact, just as he was buried in 1978; they had to call the attention of residents of the area as it remains a mystery to them.

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“The children of the deceased wanted to evacuate the bones of their father from the building, but what they found was an intact body buried 41 years ago.

“Even, the coffin inside which the man was buried did not decay. Everything was intact. The corpse was as fresh as it was buried.”

He, however, said the man was moved to another site in Ijoka area of the town, where he was reburied.

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Speaking on the development, one of the children of the deceased, Mrs Florence Kayode, who confirmed the incident, said the incident was a big surprise to the entire family.

She said: “I am the 14th child of my late father, Pa Boboye. What happened today surprised us all; nothing decayed in his body, his clothes and the coffin was intact and this year will be 41st year that he was buried.”

She said the reason for that was unknown to the family.

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