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Boko haram are killing Christians to cause confusion in the country – Gen Abdul Kalifa

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Brig General Abdul Kalifa has come out openly in a recent interview to reveal why boko haram is killing Christians in Nigeria. He said the boko haram sect are known for killing, robbing and taking over their victim’s land and properties.

With that strategy it was easy for the Nigerian army to attack since all it needed to do was to attack the over thrown villages, kill the insurgents and recover the villages for the victims but now all that has changed as the insurgents have invented a new style of attacking their victims.

The dreaded sect no longer goes to villages to attack anymore as they now hide in the bush by the roadside to ambush vehicles coming alone on the road not just to attack but to kill any christian they see in such vehicles thus creating a wrong impression of Islam to the world.

They kill christians just to cause trouble in the country and watch it burn. The commander of the 7th Division of the Nigerian army in maiduguri also claims that it was easy for the insurgents to attack the Christians due to the bad road and promised that the milltary will do everything to ensure they fix the roads and also build bridges.

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