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If The Boko Haram Terrorists That Killed 110 Farmers Are Caught, They Won’t Be Punished- Reno Omokri

The level of insecurity in Northern Nigeria is becoming too alarming. It is gradually affecting every region of the country and if Care is not taken, there shall be numerous food shortages in several parts of the country. The current price of onions is the beginning of many bad things to come.

At the moment, farmers are afraid of going to their farms, crops are dying, people are being killed like chickens, but the narrative have not changed at all.

Popular Nigerian social media critic and Activist, Reno Omokri on Friday took to his twitter page to reveal his dissatisfaction at what would likely be done to the terrorists if they were caught.

Reno Omokri noted that they will not be punished, rather, they will be rehabilitated as repentant terrorists at tax payers expense. Does that make sense at all?

“The Sad thing is that if those Boko Haram terrorist who killed the 110 farmers are captured, they will be rehabilitated as repentant May terrorists” Part of his tweet revealed.

Check the image below for more details.

Judging from the part of Reno Omokri, what is your take on this?

Should they be rehabilitated or be given the death penalty as punishment?
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