BOMBSHELL! ! 'I Can No Longer Pray For Buhari, He’s Been Lying To Nigerians' – Muslim Cleric Blows Hot -
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BOMBSHELL! ! ‘I Can No Longer Pray For Buhari, He’s Been Lying To Nigerians’ – Muslim Cleric Blows Hot


Sheikh Muhammad Khalid, the Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Juma’ at mosque in Abuja, has condemned the situation of insecurity in Nigeria.

According to the statement released by the Muslim cleric, President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration has been lying to Nigerians about security improvements.

Sheikh Khalid recently made the statement in a viral video in which he harshly criticized the Buhari- led government, according to reports.

President Buhari and the All Progressive Congress, APC, were told by the popular priest to restore the country to its 2015 state.

Terrorism and other illegal activities, he claims, have gain strength under the current administration compared to the previous one.

Sheikh Khalid also revealed in a recent interview with Solomon Odeniyi, a Punch reporter, that he stands by his statement that the president is not performing as well.


When asked if he is afraid of speaking out against the administration, the cleric responded no.

Sheikh Khalid stated further that he doesn’ t need to be fear because his religion is against someone who’ s not performing his duty as a leader.

” I am a hypocrite if I stated things like this during the Goodluck Jonathan government and now refuse to say it because I share the President’ s religion and ethic inclination, ” the cleric lamented.


” We are all Nigerians, and we deserve to live in peace, I feel that something has to be done in this country and that it needs to be done quickly.

” I visited Rwanda and witnessed currently going on there. We are playing with fire in Nigeria. People are dying daily as a result of poor security, which is taking the form of genocide.

” This administration has killed more individuals than the previous administration. Make your investigation and compare it to the number of persons killed during the previous administration. ”


Sheikh Khalid maintains that the Buhari administration has been lying about its security victories.

” Where is the security improvement when our children can no longer attend school in some parts of the country and some states are controlled by bandits? ” A serving governor’ s convoy was targeted in the North- East. ”

” Only a few states were under Boko Haram’ s control at the time (during Jonathan’ s regime ). Tell me how many states in the country are safe now. Even Buhari’ s home state of Katsina is not safe, he said.

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