BOMBSHELL! ! ! Prominent Former Northern Governor Advises Nigerians To Seek For Next President In Anambra; See Shocking Reasons - Mc Ebisco BOMBSHELL! ! ! Prominent Former Northern Governor Advises Nigerians To Seek For Next President In Anambra; See Shocking Reasons - Mc Ebisco

BOMBSHELL! ! ! Prominent Former Northern Governor Advises Nigerians To Seek For Next President In Anambra; See Shocking Reasons


As the country prepares for general elections in 2023, several political leaders have expressed their views.

Many political bigwigs from the south, particularly those from the southeast, have echoed the cry of marginalisation from the south.

Igbos have been clamouring for a chance to sit in the president’ s chair.

Ali Modu Sheriff, a former governor of Borno state, has called for Nigerians to shun ethnic, religious, and political attitudes in the hunt for the country’ s next president in response to the country’ s hot polity and calculations.

The leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have stated that when it comes to the general elections in 2023, the populace must prioritise competence over all other factors.

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Mr Sheriff, who spoke with members of an APC pressure group called Frontier for Equality Leadership and Good Governance on Thursday, September 9, said that whoever President Muhammadu Buhari’ s successor is, he or she must be given complete support, according to Punch.

He explained:

” If the man that will bring succour to Nigeria is coming from a mountain in Ogoja, we should go and look for him.

” If it is at the end of Adamawa, we should go and look for him. If he is coming from the end of Anambra, we should go and look for him. We must do soul- searching and look for a leader.

” Unless we all believe in ourselves as a nation, and believe all of us are equal and believe that a good leader will emerge from any part of the country, regardless of his religion, tribe or where he comes from, we will not succeed in getting it right in thIs country we dearly love. ”



It’ s worth remembering that the governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodinma, recently stated that Nigerians, particularly APC members, are not necessarily yearning for an Igbo president.

Governor Uzodinma told Channels TV that the APC is searching for a competent Nigerian leader, regardless of tribe or origin, hours after President Muhammadu Buhari paid a one- day business visit to Imo.

The governor of the southeast stated that the ruling party will choose its flagbearer ahead of the 2023 national elections and that the decision will be binding on all members.

He went on to say that the APC’ s choice will be impacted by both covert and overt elements.

In response to inquiries about the agitation by southeast politicians for the election of an Igbo president in 2023, Uzodinma stated this.



Meanwhile, Dave Umahi, the governor of Ebonyi state, has claimed that calls for an Igbo president in 2023 are premature and distracting.

On Monday, September 6, after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, he gave this statement to reporters.

Governors from the Southeast and the APC were instructed by Umahi to concentrate on initiatives that would benefit their state, area, and the country as a whole.

He stated;

” Well, for me, I’ m very much interested in completing my projects. And I will look into politics when my tenure is remaining one year, which is from May 29, 2022. And I think it is the same thing with other governors of South East and by extension, governors of APC. ”

Governor David Umahi previously stated that the Igbo will require God’ s anointing to produce the president of Nigeria in 2023.

He went on to say that there has been an uptick in calls for President Muhammadu Buhari’ s successor to emerge from the country’ s southeast.



Meanwhile, the Nigeria Diaspora for Asiwaju (NDA) has endorsed Bola Tinubu as the presidential candidate for 2023, citing his ability to build on President Buhari’ s accomplishments.

Regardless of tribal or religious inclinations, the support group stated that everyone should vote for Tinubu to become president.

Akin Badeji, the newly inaugurated support group’ s director- general, announced in an Abuja statement to journalists on Friday, September 3. After inaugurating the organisation, Badeji, an APC chieftain, said this.

The group’ s statement;

” Tinubu stands out as one politician with the best résumé to consolidate on the next level milestones of the President Muhammadu Buhari- led administration, ” he said.

” NDA is a partisan group aimed at garnering support in the Diaspora and across the length and breadth of Nigeria for Tinubu presidency, come 2023.

” We looked around for such personality with the political clout and national appeal to the various interest groups, that can consolidate on whatever achievements the Buhari government has made.


” And we discovered that one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) national leaders, Tinubu, is the best man for the job.

” As a bridge- builder with a great personality and mentality that recognises all and sundry, there cannot be a better replacement for President Buhari come 2023. ”

After ” many years of maladministration by prior handlers, ” Badeji said Nigeria is on the verge of a national rebirth, spearheaded by Buhari.

He went on to say that the group, which has its headquarters in London and a country office in Abuja, would not rest on its laurels until Tinubu was enthroned as president.



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