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BOMBSHELL: Senate President, Lawan At War With Ministries MDAs For Sabotaging Buhari’s Loan Request


A group of ministries and an agency have been accused of obstructing the federal government’ s efforts to get loans, according to Ahmad Lawan, President of the Nigerian Senate.

Power, water resources, health, and women’ s affairs are the four ministries involved.

The Ministry Of Environment, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, and the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure are among the others.


” The impacted MDAs failed to come before the Senate Committee on Loan and Foreign Debt to defend the loan request made by the executive arm of government, ” Mr. Lawan stated.

Even though he stated that the loan in question had previously been approved by the Senate, he stated that the MDAs would still be required to appear before the panel for clarification.


” These MDAs did not show up for work. This attitude, according to the Senate, is a sabotage of the federal government’ s efforts to get loans and fund the infrastructure development that this country so sorely needs to thrive.

” Because the National Assembly has already authorized the loan requests, but there is a need for clarity, ” he said.


” They have one week to appear before the Committee on Loans and Foreign Debts, and if they fail to appear, we’ ll proceed in the most expedient manner possible. This Senate will not tolerate any sabotage to the efforts of this administration, ” he added.

Also, the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential villa in Abuja on Wednesday, pressing him to grant cash to private business individuals interested in establishing ranches in the state.


Speaking to journalists following the conference, he confirmed that while several southern states had enacted the anti- opening grazing law as promised, Edo had not done so because the state wanted to make certain that it would be able to police it.

In his statement, he stated that he informed the President that the people of Edo have resolved that ranching is a private industry, but that because it is expensive, the federal government should make funding available to interested individuals through the National Livestock Transformation Program.


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