BOOM! 17- Year- Old Singer Salle, Reveals That She Was Not A Hawker


A talented 17- year- old singer’ s video went popular on social media a few weeks ago. This happened after a man saw her singing and decided to record a video of her, which he then uploaded to the internet.

Many people adored the young girl right away, while some questioned the narrative, claiming she fabricated it to attract public attention. Salle, a little girl, has now come out to say that she was never a hawker.


Given the circumstances surrounding this young girl’ s story, it’ s clear that she never claimed to be a hawker. People only began to refer to her as a hawker after noticing her carrying a tray and a wrapper.

Salle, on the other hand, has now revealed that she uses that tray to deliver food to people. Salle is the person who brings food to them with the tray, meaning that her mother cooks and sells food. In a later post, she also provided two more details which are giving below:


First, the texts she is getting:

Salle said that she has gotten thousands of messages in her DM. She added that some of them were encouraging, while others shattered her heart because of the messages she received.

It is sad to see that she sometimes gets messages that make her feel bad. All she needs at this moment, is nothing but support and prayers to continue to move forward in her singing career. Well, this is why humans are different so, she should learn to move ahead without looking at people’ s discouraging words.


Second is her new music:

She also announced that her new song will be released on the 28th of this month. She utilized the platform to express gratitude to God and her fans for their support.

Looking at the way Salle has transformed in just a short while, there is a clear evidence that she will go very far in life. Her singing talent has opened the door of success and she will continue to move from one successful level to the other. What are your thoughts on the this?

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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