BOOM! ! What APC Is Trying To Do In Akwa Ibom May Not Work As State Governor Detects Motives, Warns Political Dissidents


Following the viral speculations that some politicai parties, particularly the All Progressives Congress (APC) will usurp the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) n the state’ s governorship election, the executive governor of the state, Udom Emmanuel warned political dissidents to leave the state for it only belongs to the PDP and nothing less.

Udom also stated that the politics of 2023 will not divide the state, as he implored people not to allow partisan politics to destroy the progress the state has made so far.

Speaking on Friday at the Nest of Champions Stadium, Uyo, during the inauguration of the Maintain Peace Movement (MPM) and its National Executive Committee, Udom said, ” What message are we giving to the outside world, leave us alone. Politics cannot divide us. I stand in the gab for Akwa Ibom State and declare peace on all parts of the state.

” I declare peace in all LGAs of Akwa Ibom State. This message started here in Akwa Ibom is needed in all the 36 states of Nigeria. This message must go round that we need peace, we need brotherhood. This symbolizes the hallmark of our movement.

” Without peace, there is no development, without peace, there is no progress, without peace nothing can be done. The absence of progress is the absence of peace. What are we saying to the world? Leave us alone.

” Politics will never divide us, political parties will never divide us. If we, citizens of the state agree that there will be peace, there must be peace. For any place to have peace, one party must decide to play a fool and that is you. We are saying no to armed robbery, conflict, inter- religious wars.

” Even the politics of 2023, the politics of partisan war will not divide us. This is a socio- political movement. Peace must be sustained and multiplied so that we can move forward.

” Akwa Ibom is PDP and PDP is Akwa Ibom. The only political party that can ensure peace in Akwa Ibom is PDP. As we go into 2022, politics will gather momentum. Any party who would not preach peace to you, don’ t open your doors to them. “


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