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“I Was Born HIV Positive, Got Pregnant At 14 and I Slept With Men For Money Because Of This” – Lady

“I was born HIV positive, became pregnant at 14 years old, and slept with men for money to feed my children,” says a woman.

Regina Ng’endo grew up in Lamu County, Kenya. She grew up with a single mother who died when she was just eight years old.


Madam Regina relocated to her grandparents’ home. She became ill in second grade and was taken to the hospital. Her grandparents were told that she was HIV positive after multiple checks. She was given some medications to take on a regular basis.

Madam Regina said that she asked her grandfather why she has to take so many medications even though she isn’t in pain, but that he didn’t respond. She wanted to ask the doctor why she was given multiple pills a month when she was 13 years old. He sat her down and gently confirmed that she was HIV-positive and needed to take her medications on a regular basis.

She met a stranger on a bus when she was 14 and they became friends. He went to see her the next day and had a fun time with her on the side of the lane. Regrettably, she became pregnant. Since he was terrified of being arrested and tried before a court of justice, her baby daddy advised her to fly to the coast and settle there. She gave birth to a gorgeous bouncing baby girl after 9 months.


According to the young mother, she used to borrow food from a man who told her to sell herself as some of the ladies do. She innocently approached a group of ladies waiting for men on a nearby lane.

She said that she would tell certain men about her situation, but that they would refuse to defend her.

She eventually became pregnant with her second child and gave birth to a lovely little girl. She described how one of her children became ill, and a friend told her to take him to the hospital or to a church. She took him to church when he was asleep, and after being cared for, the young boy returned home with determination.

She had a deep thinking that evening and resolved to get saved and avoid sleeping with men for sex.

She began to sing and composed several songs as a result of her efforts.

Her two twins, she said, are HIV-negative.

We wish the young family all the best in their future endeavors, and may the Lord continue to bless them.

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