“My Boyfriend Has Been With Me For 20 Years But He Still Doesn’t Want To Marry Me, Do You Know Why?”

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Sometimes we get into relationships with people and we end up not getting what we always wish for, like marriages for example i didnt get married after being with a man for 20 years.

My boyfriend and i were really that kind of couple that was in love and we have never had any problems.

But we had been together for over 20 years and he has never thought of proposing to me or showing me any intention of wanting to marry me.

This tends to bother me because i always believed and thought that he had those kind of intentions with me, but it seems like i was wrong.

We sometimes did speak about marriage but never mentioned that he would marry me, just like any other girl i also had a wish to get married.

Because the 20 years we spent in a relationship was a pretty long time for me, and also my mother was complaining of me being in a relationship too long and nothing was happening at all.

Do you know why he doesn’t want to marry me?


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