Her Boyfriend Left Her After Using Her Multiple Times, Now She Wants To Replace Him

Surprising things never seem to stop in the world that we live in, day in and day out we will always hear about the weirdest things that people have went through and often times than not they share their stories.

A young lady took to a blog forum to share a story of her own experience in relationships.


Which we found to be really surprising and hard to believe, however the world is messed up and these type of things happen everyday.

The girl revealed in her story that she once has a boyfriend and they were truly in love, to a point where she believed that he was the one for her.

However according to her they were not of the same age as her boyfriend was younger and she is older hence she refers to him as a ben ten which is a term used by people to refer to a boy dating an older woman.


But the girl narrated and said that her ben ten decided to leave her one day, regardless of that they have been together for a long time. She says that he told her that he was tired of her and wanted her to move on. see the story here.

With all that being said, the girl says she feels devastated and saddened by what she went through because she did not really think this would happen in her relationship. Being used by someone and then watching them leave is never easy at all.

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What do you think went wrong in their relationship?

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