“My Boyfriend Took Me To A Night Club, See What He Did To Me At The VIP Room” – Lady Confesses

The extent some guys will go in order to get their desire is something that is very scary and disappointing.

If we have to take into consideration about some underground happenings that was orchestrated some guys out there, one will boldly say that the government need to show more interest towards this kind of happenings.

According to this young and beautiful lady who went on Facebook to confess about what her so-called boyfriend did to her after taking her to the night club.

However the lady did not give other details about what happened between her and boyfriend after the who incidents took place unknowing to her.

According to the lady’s post on Facebook, she said that, “Men can not be trusted anymore because what I went through with my then boyfriend has really taught me a lot.

I never thought that any thing will happen that particular night my boyfriend took me out to a night club. So it was midnight in the VIP room and I couldn’t notice anything that my boyfriend has got me drunk so he did had his way through that night”, lady confesses.

This kind of act from this lady’s boyfriend needs an urgent action to penalize the boyfriend so as to curb this kind of thing from occurring again.

Furthermore, in your own point of view do you think what her boyfriend did to her is really good and what kind of punishment do you think the lady’s boyfriend deserve.

And also the lady needs to be questioned for following her boyfriend to a night club and she will also need to be punished.

But if you happen to be the Lady that this kind of thing happened to, what action will you take against your boyfriend? and what would you advice the lady to do now?.

Arrest her boyfriend or leave him?, share your opinions in the comment section.


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