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My Boyfriends Was Attracted To My Mother And Even Threatened To Dump Me

My mother was a young single woman for long after she and my dad broke up in 2008 over an issue that we as her children have never known till date. Half of my life I was living with her and my two other siblings, she was always this ‘slay mama’ who wouldn’t let any fashion past her. I’d always like to describe her as a digital mother to anyone.

The two of us have always been close and so I was so open to her than I was with my dad. I got myself a boyfriend while I was out of campus and introduced him later on to my mother. She was so supportive and never for once showed any concerns about the two of us dating. She herself offered a few times to treat the both of us on dates and clubs.


However I did not know that hanging out the three of us would lead to my boyfriend’s interest on my mother. One time I got his text messages on how he waz confessing that he was sexually attracted to my own mother, she on the other hand wasn’t even trying to set the record straight to tell him that he should stay on his lane.

When I approached my boyfriend, he threatened to dump me for my mother so I was not to say anything else. And so for weeks my mother and I were not on speaking terms at all, I resorted to asking my dad for favours incase I needed any. My friends even begin to tell me how often they bumped into my boyfriend and mother at hotels and restaurants together.

The two were not willing to stop their abominable relationship, I decided to stop it once and for all. So I went to see Doctor Mugwenu to assist me. I was told that he was one if the best at what he does. He then performed a love spell on me and gave me a few herbs to rub on my boyfriends underpant to help me regain back his love.


So I went home and invited him over that day. He came to my house and in the middle of the night while he was in his deep sleep, I rubbed the herb given to me by Doctor Mugwenu. The following morning, he woke up and started apologizing for ever having eyes on my mother. He then added that he loved me so much and would want to ever loose me. That was the end of my worries about him ever dating my mother.

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