BRAVEST IGBOMAN? SEE Photos Of 65yr- old Actor, Chiwetalu Agu, As He Returns To Visit Soldiers In Enugu Days After His Release


The famed Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu was apprehended by Nigerian troops in Onitsha, Anambra State, just a few days before.

In a new photo, the popular actor can be seen with a group of Nigerian troops at a military checkpoint in Enugu State.

According to a source, the event occurred today at the military checkpoint in Enugu State’ s four (4) corners, when Nollywood star Chiwetalu Agu went to greet the security agents.

See Photo The Igbo Actor Took While Hanging Around The Military Men In Enugu


Chiwetalu Agu took pictures with security officers at a military checkpoint in Enugu State after an unexpected visit.

He was dressed in another regalia that was comparable in size to the prohibited IPOB regalia he was wearing the day he was arrested by Nigerian soldiers in Anambra State.

Despite Agu’ s happiness with the warriors, other individuals will view them as adversaries only to maintain their status as society’ s enemies. What makes you think troops are to blame? While doing their job, they are merely following instructions. This country is fortunate, but certain people have used tribalism and an unachievable agenda to destroy it.

According to several people online, the lesson here is that the actor has acknowledged and learned from his mistakes, which may have inspired him to pay a visit to the security operatives who disciplined him in Enugu State.

” Every Army Officer Wants To Speak With Me” – Superstar Actor Agu Speaks About How Army Treated Him In Detention


A veteran actor, Chinwetalu Agu, has spoken out about his arrest at the Nigerian Army headquarters in Enugu and the Department of State Services (DSS) in Abuja.

The actor, who was captured by soldiers after being seen in a Biafran uniform, claimed that he was treated with respect while in detention.

Soldiers had detained him in Onitsha, Anambra State, and had released him after the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) intervened, but the Department of State Services (DSS) re- arrested him and flew him to Abuja for further investigation and interrogation.

Because of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria’ s assistance, the Department of State Services was able to investigate Chinwetalu Agu’ s phone and uncover nothing damning (AGN).

” It didn’ t start well, but God took over, ” Chinwetalu said at an AGN members’ welcome back celebration. I was only trying to help the less poor by buying bread. Soldiers stormed in and began strewing everything around.


” They said they were summoning me to the office, but they didn’ t say why. ” They did not inform me of my offense, therefore I declined to obey them.

” The drama that unfolded was vital in alerting them to the presence of Igbo. ” From the time we left Upper Iweka until we were at the army barracks near the Zik Mausoleum, the Nigerian Army’ s 82nd Division, and the DSS office in Abuja, no one had touched me. They greeted me with politeness.

” Every cop wanted to be a part of the case so they could meet Chinwetalu Agu. ”

DSS Did Not Release Agu Because Of Public Outcry, See Why He Was Released According To Ozekhome


Human rights lawyer Mike Ozekhome, SAN, explains why Nollywood legend Chiwetalu Agu was released by the Department of State Services (DSS).

According to Ozekhome, Agu was released after his phones were checked and nothing incriminating was uncovered. The Nigerian Army seized the 65- year- old actor in Onitsha, Anambra State, for wearing Biafra regalia.

Soldiers grabbed him near Upper Iweka Bridge while on a charity exercise. On Friday, the Nigerian Army released Agu, but DSS officials arrested him again.

The secret police are said to have escorted the legendary actor to Abuja for questioning. On the other side, Ozekhome claimed that Agu had committed no offense that necessitated his imprisonment.

In a statement signed by him, he said, ” Chiwetalu Agu Released By DSS. ” ” The chambers had multiple interactions with DSS agents, who were mostly pleasant and cooperative. ”

” After a full search of his phones revealed nothing incriminating, Agu was released by the DSS at their headquarters in Abuja to Steve Eboh and Monalisa Chinda (Director of Media, Actors Guild of Nigeria), ” he alleged.

While the NA recognizes citizens’ fundamental rights to freedom of movement and expression as contained in the Nigerian Constitution, it appears that inciting the public to cause mayhem or disrupt law and order is illegal. It’ s critical to emphasize that such liberties must be exercised within the bounds of the law, with the need for peace and national security in mind.


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are still illegal, for the sake of clarity and emphasis.

As a result, any individual or group seen projecting and furthering the group’ s objectives or conduct is considered to be openly undermining the constitutionality of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Given the region’ s current security situation and the ongoing Exercise GOLDEN DAWN, it was even more concerning that his actions could be interpreted as an implicit endorsement and support for the prohibited organisation. In recent years, we’ ve all seen the group’ s behavior become increasingly violent.

Chinwetalu Agu has been jailed for further investigation after displaying an uncharitable desire to undermine regional peace and security. It’ s worth noting that the idea that he was a brutalized is untrue.


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