Bravo To Gov Soludo For Warding Off Criminals In Anambra, Restoring Peace In MarketsBravo To Gov Soludo For Warding Off Criminals In Anambra, Restoring Peace In Markets
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Bravo to Gov Soludo for warding off criminals in Anambra, restoring peace in markets

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Bravo to Gov Soludo for warding off criminals in Anambra, restoring peace in markets

Traders at Onitsha Niger Bridge head market under the aegis of Joint Session of Bridge Head Market Traders Leaders of Thought and Stakeholders, Anambra State, have commended Governor Chukwuma Soludo for his war against criminals and restoration of peace in markets in the State.

Reacting to the Governor’s 100 days in office, the traders, through their chairman, Chief Bonaventure Ucheagwu and Comrade Peter Okala, expressed satisfaction with the Governor’s achievements so far in his 100 days in office, adding that he actually came on board to turn around the State.

According to them, his 100 days in office was associated with great strides in the areas of security, environmental management, trade and commerce.

This they said with special reference to what they described as the selfless service of your Hon. Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Dr Obinna Ngonadi who they insisted had proven to be a square peg in a square hole in line with the vision and mission of Mr Governor.

“Mr Governor, your social contract of providing security to lives and properties for Ndi Anambra has not been taken for granted. You have even put your own life and exalted office forward when it matters in securing the lives of citizens. You went extra miles to ensure that the lives of Ndi Anambra both at home and all over the country were secured by assuring our fellow citizens of other etinic groups that their lives matter. Thank you sir.

“The parkage is full and ready to take Ndi Anambra to their desired enviable heights, the time management, agile and eminently qualified men and women so far appointed as Commissioners and Special Advisers especially that of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the practical cleaning of our littered environment which was left unattended to many months before your assumption of office.

“Others are iradication of touts and their menace on the citizens, practical introduction of made in Anambra household, footwear, clothing and even vehicles has actually completed the circle and brought answers to the generational quest to think-home philosophy mantra, ” they noted.

The duo said that the Governor had made the people proud by the outstanding achievements, adding that his timely intervention through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had brought salvation to business, trading and commercial activities in the State. They noted that about forty five per cent of Ndi Anambra were very active traders and such a strategic pillar in the State’s economy.

They hinted further that the timely desolution of 32 flawed markets by the Governor through his Commissioner for Trade and Commerce, Hon. Obinna Ngonadi, had boosted the morale of ordinary traders in the State even as they expressed satisfaction with the Governor’s historic ground-breaking of the new site for the Bridge Head Market Medicine Dealers Associations at Oba.

“Your recent visit to Mazi Nnamd Kanu, was entirely a proactive step to nip in the bud as the man on ground the negative security development which has constituted concern to all and sundry, by deployment of men and resources in protecting this part of the Nation since your visit which has yielded positive results has become a shock to the doubting Thomas.

“Both citizens and non citizens can now sleep with their two eyes closed, naming ceremonies, traditional marriages could now hold without paying levies to criminals by whatever guise, ” they said.

They, however, pleaded to the Governor to beam his searchlight at leadership of the Anambra State Markets Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA) in the State.

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