Breach Of Trust By Nigerian Politicians Is Responsible For Voter Apathy- Governor Makinde


Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, has stated that Nigerian youths and others do not vote in elections because the political elite has failed them. He insisted that there was a link between the performance of elected officials and the country’ s high degree of voter indifference.

Makinde, who chaired one of the sessions at the newly- elected PDP executives’ retreat in Abuja on Wednesday, urged the party to overcome voter apathy by mobilizing women and youths, who make up a major part of the voting population, according to a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Taiwo Adisa.

The governor stated that candidates for elective office on the PDP platform must demonstrate that the party is committed to good administration at all levels.

He stated that the party must address the issue of elective office holders betraying voters’ trust and confidence in order to address the issue of youth and women’ s lack of interest in politics.

” With a voting populace of less than 30 million, the 2015 presidential election was won and lost, ” Makinde remarked. In 2019, the numbers were similar, with fewer than 30 million people casting ballots. The total number of registered voters in both circumstances was little around 85 million.

” We can see from these figures that we have an issue with voter turnout. ” To begin with, people who are eligible to vote are not doing so. Second, more than 60% of those who registered do not participate in the elections.

” As we move ahead to 2023, one of the important concerns we must address is voter indifference, and we cannot successfully address youth involvement in Nigerian politics and mobilizing youth and women in Nigerian politics while ignoring the root causes of this apathy. ”

” If we are being honest, we will acknowledge that the political class’ s failure to make itself relevant to the voting populace is mostly responsible for voter apathy, ” he concluded. We overpromise and underdeliver, and the people suffer as a result.

” We have a growing population of destitute Nigerians, and many young people believe that leaving the nation is their only option for economic stability. ” Why should people care about voting, then?

” If politicians at all levels have an impact on people’ s lives, they’ ll care more about who holds these jobs and who wins elections. So, the solution starts with usโ€“ with those of us in this room who hold elective posts. What are we doing with the trust that has been bestowed upon us? “


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