BREAKING: 6 PDP Governors That May Defect To APC Before 2023 Elections

While broadcasting on the Channel Television, Governor Yahaya Bello revealed on Friday that, despite all of the leadership crises that covered the ruling All progressive congress ( APC), ten governors of the PDP were prepared to defect the party. This detail is insane and unparalleled at the surface level. However, wherever possible, this is Nigeria.

Just look back at the trajectory of the Nigerian politicians and see if this is possible or not, and then think about the possibility of his utterance before you call Yahaya Bello names. It seems that the PDP ‘ s top hierarchies are good now in crisis management, but they are coming to a stage where the world is aware of their weaknesses. There is a time when conflict settlers are struggling with their interests as well.

Again, if the opposition party is upset, I am not a prophet of doom, and I will not be able to win anything. However, I want to make a prediction of the Six of The Ten Governors who may take the APC before the next general election based on information provided by Yahaya Bello, which the PDP Governors’ Forum has since condemned.

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Dave Umahi (Ebonyi)

Nearly every political player knows Dave Umahi is a heart APC and a body PDP. During the 2019 general election, he did not hide that. In the last election, he helped the campaign team of Muhammadu Buhari with funds. He also complained that it was disappointing that in Enugu there were no people in the stadium and that the President had called a rally. He ensured that Buhari was welcomed in Ebonyi with excitement.

Moreover, it warned of sacking some of its helpers who opposed Buhari. His ties with his party’ s domestic leadership seem not to be smooth. He seemed to be mother throughout the whole Edo state defection saga. The results of the presidential elections also showed where his heart is.

Bello Matawalle (Zamfara)

In the Zamfara State Chapter (APC), Bello Matawalle has benefited from the continued crisis. In spite of the party’ s ongoing crisis, the APC has secured the state governorate race. However, a decision of the Supreme Court claimed that no candidate was present at the election. Matawalle, the second to be sworn in as governor of the state, was contested under the PDP.

The people of the State still seem to prefer the APC, despite his magnificent performance as he came on board, especially in terms of security. As such, in some places it is rumored that the Governor wants to defect the APC in order to get the people ‘ s admiration. The truthfulness of this can not be known until the next few months.

Ben Ayade (Cross River)

The state chapter of the PDP was not supervised by Professor Benedict Ayade. He and the Party’ s government were at the forefront and it appears the national leadership supports the state chapter. Since it appears that the Governor has no chance in the PDP for a second and final term, he may move the governors to the APC. Ayade is currently with the PDP but in the immediate future one can not guess what he will do.

Samuel Ortom (Benue)

Ortom is another PDP Governor, who before the end of his term will return to his house. It appeared that his people were not ready to dinner again with the APC due to the continuing safety delays, he defeated the PDP soon before the general election in 2019. He saw the handwriting on the wall and his godfather had problems. He had to pass, therefore. He is now confirmed to have resolved problems with his parent and soon will be able to rejoin him in the APC.

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