BREAKING: ABS Goofed On Osun APC Headquarters Manufactured Relocation Story

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How ABS goofed on Osun APC headquarters manufactured relocation story

To discerning minds, the level of avoidably debasement of politics and politicking in Osun State is becoming increasingly and dangerously worrisome with the level and quantity of absolute falsehood being turned out by some sections of the decimated and factionalised main opposition party in Osun State. While it is agreeable that opposition is an essential ingredient of a democratic government as its genuine observation keeps the government in check, it however, becomes an aberation when such oppositional licence to criticise at will is brazenly made a constant source of misinformation of the society.

It’s appalling that ABS who is the ubiquitous megaphone of the Country Home faction of the embattled PDP in Osun State could choose as his duty to pungently reel out lies against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State; the last of which was the misinformation that the state APC has relocated its headquarters from its Ogo-oluwa base when nothing of such was at play or near being contemplated.

As I punch my keyboards, the ruling APC is still operating from its Ogo-oluwa state headquarters, the location of which is an equivalent of a business district in Osogbo without let or hinderance which cannot be equated with the outskirt Otaefun former headquarters of the state PDP before it was chased out of the place few months ago.

The only trademark being used as a decoy for its continuous occupation of the place is its larger-than-life signpost! The questions then arise: Where did the state APC pack to? When was the movement effected? Who is the new landlord of the state APC if the lie told by the said ABS is anything close to worthy of belief? Haba! This latest development is a bearfaced falsehood which is nothing but a wishful thinking and a figment of imagination of the writer which is devoid of being imbued with a capacity to fly or sit. This misinformation has failed to achieve its evil and ulterior intention as usual.

One can excuse the writer in the sense that one who is not blessed with his neighbour’s achievements may find it difficult to value such rare attributes. As at today, the Osun State PDP has no known formal office except the Ede Country Home which serves as the office of its factional state chairman, Atidade, and the last governorship candidate of the party, Senator Ademola Adeleke.

It’s verifiable that while the Osun State APC is blessed with its official headquarters at the high-brow Ogo-oluwa area of the state capital, the party also has Ileri-Oluwa Group headquarters also at Ogo-oluwa; the towering Aregbesola Campaign Headquarters by the Osun River and former state headquarters of the APC which is now being occupied by the Osun-central senatorial district of the party also at Ogo-oluwa where it’s competing for location with banks and other thriving business organisations in the state.

OLABISI is the Media Consultant to the Osun State APC Chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun.

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