BREAKING: All Yoruba People To Exit Nigeria, Yoruba Group Drops Bombshell


On Wednesday, Yoruba leaders in the southwest had a meeting to discuss the way forward after the arrest of Sunday Igboho.

Due to the raid on the house of Sunday Igboho and the arrest of the Yoruba leaders and his aides, some unnamed leaders in the Southwest have met today to discuss ways on how to solve the problem of the Yoruba people.

Suggesting a possible solution to the crisis in the south- east, the leaders agreed that it is high time the Yoruba people exit Nigeria to create a separate republic or country that would only comprise of the Yoruba people.

The leader of the group, Prof. Akintoye was charged with the responsibility of leading members of the Yoruba Nation out of Nigeria to create a separate entity that would be peaceful and fair to all Yoruba people.

In the same meeting, members of the Yoruba group agreed to suspend a member of the group identified as Sade Olukoya, for getting himself involved in activities that were not in line with the rules of the group.

Sahara Reporters added that the leaders spoke at length about what is being done to the Benin government and lawyers in other to secure the release of Sunday Igboho.

The statement read that ” Unanimous vote of confidence is hereby passed and reaffirmed the mandate given to Prof. Akintoye to lead the Yoruba people out of the contraption called Nigeria. ”

” That the conference held in Lagos by one Otunba Sade Olukoya was in bad taste and didn’ t have the support nor approval of the coalition. That we called on the leadership of Ilana Omo Oodua to expel Sade Olukoya with immediate effect. That Olukoya’ s name should be withdrawn from NINAS as Ilana Omoodua representative forthwith. ”

” That we endorse the dissolution of the executives mostly peopled by 5th columnists who recently resigned without shame. That we resolved to support the peaceful agitation under the leadership of Alana to liberate our people from bondage. ”

” That we commend the efforts of Prof Akintoye in his uncompromising resolve to free our illustrious son, Chief Sunday Igboho, from incarceration. ”

Buttressing the plan and agenda of the group, the leaders in a joint statement stated that the policy and activities of present Nigeria do not favor the Yoruba people, hence, the decision to exit Nigeria in other to create a separate region.


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