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BREAKING: Buhari Sends Strong Message To Nigerians From London. Read His Message To Them

It is rumored that the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari left for medical attention in London yesterday for a short period, and won’t be back until tomorrow. To understand, this, we must notice that the doctors in Nigeria have all went on strike at the same time while the president was there for medical care, and this raises questions as to who really is really in charge of the medical care while one travels for medical treatment?

Reports reaching us had it that Nigerians who are living over in the UK have threatened a rally at the hospital the president has been admitted.

But the president had sent a stern message to all Nigerians stating the need of being together, and not letting mischief be a big reason for separating them, he also admonished that Nigeria is stronger when all is together as one.

This statement was meant for all Nigerians to let them realize how grateful he was for their cooperation during his presidency. to preach to them not to them the idea of causing destruction but of uniting togetherness and to recognize that he wants to sow dissension instead, to use the term employed by Abraham Kuyatewagoli to teach

The Vice President further urged the front-line physicians, nurses, and health care staff to keep up the strong work in their attempts to better avert the Covinate pandemic. As well as saying thanks to the people of Nigeria, he expressed gratitude for adhering to pandemic medical care.

Mr. Joachim told his fellow citizens the Nigeria residents that protection will be completely stabilized shortly, because he is now throwing all his energies into other projects into creating stuff that will achieve that.

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Please maintain social distance, wear your face masks, wash your hands regularly with sanitizer for prevention is better than cure

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