Breaking! ! ! Governor Hope Uzodimma Has Reportedly Returned Lands That Were Grabbed By Past Government


Hope Uzodimma who is the current governor of Imo State has revealed and also said that he had paid back parcels of land that were forcefully taken from the owners and holders by the administration of a former governor of the state whose name is Rochas Okorocha.

The governor, Hope Uzodimma, spoke through his deputy who’ s name is Prof. Placid Njoku, at a town hall meeting in Owerri, which is the capital of Imo state on Wednesday, he said Uzodimma’ s administration had ” human face, a listening ear and empathetic. ” This means, Hope Uzodimma administration is both compassionate and humane towards his people and would allow anything bad to happen to his people.

The governor, Hope Uzodimma also proceeded to report and also note that the town hall meeting with stakeholders was a way of sending out a clear message that the era of impunity and violation of the rights of the people of Imo State was gone.

According to his words, he said, ” I realized that the only way to assuage the pains of the people was a complete restoration of the land back to their rightful owners– and today, we have gathered for the first phase of the restoration of land forcefully taken away from their rightful owners.

He also said, ” To those whose lands are being restored today, I congratulate you and urge you to be confident that my administration will support and promote only forthright processes. ”

According to his words, he revealed that the commonest way to alleviate the pains of the people was to redeem them their lands that have been forcefully taken from them from past administration.

He then proceeded to congratulate the rightful owners of the lands and also assure them that their lands will be given to them to ameliorate their worries.


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