BREAKING: While Killing Our Men, The Herders Were Boasting That Their People Head Security Agencies – Woman




This is an exclusive interview with a woman by name Ngozi Odo-Abuchi one of the survivor of the Ebonyi attacks which led to the death of many.

Mrs Ngozi Odo-Abuchi, works at the Education department of the Ishielu Local government area of Ebonyi state.

In an interview conducted with her she explained the encounter she had with death during the Ebonyi attack last week.





On Monday as I was coming from a location where I went I took an okada from Nkalagu to take me to Obeagwu, which is around 30 to 45 minutes depending on the how fast the rider is.

On our way while the riders was speeding, we met some people by the road side all in black attires, as the bike was going we didn’t noticed anything but immediately we saw some people blocking our way as he wanted to turn back some of their men were behind us, they grab us and dragged us into the bush, they beat, smash our head with their boot.

The bike man that carried me his throat was sliced after they shook knife into his belly, all the men present were killed.

She said her okada was the first that was stopped by the Herdsmen, and after all the okada riders that passed were stopped, the females were dragged into the bush to be turtured while the men were killed immediately.

When she was asked why the Herders spare the women and killed all the men, she answered that one of the Herdsmen drew daggers intending to stab her while she was praying to God silently, one of the leaders present their told him to stop, that the women are meant to be spared so they can watch and tell their people what they have seen.

He said Nnamdi Kanu can rant all his nonsense on social media, but they will continue to show them that nobody can stop them to operate anywhere in the country both south east and south south.

He said their people head the security agencies in the country and nothing will happen to them, if they do any funny things their people will run after their killers and they will come for revenge.

She said she was able to know this people are fulani herdmen because they told her that they are fulani Herdsmen they came to give her people parting gifts has they have chased them away from their community and the IPOB Agitations for Biafra country.

She said while they were burning motorcycle after they have killed the riders they beat all the women and when they noticed the Herdsmen were busying destroying the properties the women ran into the bush and because it’s night already they were able to hide.

She said they all slept in the bush, she and another person in the morning went to the scene of the incidence to check their belonging that is when the villagers saw them and took them home.

As at the time of the interview no security agencies or government official have paid her a visit.

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