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BREAKING NEWS: School Resumption Should Be Shifted To January 2021, Because Of These Reasons.

Of a truth the school resumption has really put some parents in a tight corner not just them but also the students, schools where all closed down in 17 March 2020 because of the pandemic, and since then students have been at home since.

Recently there was an announcement that schools should begin to reopen, and in some state school has started already although it’s a good thing that schools are beginning to reopen, but it will be good and reasonable if it is extended to next year January and here is why.

At the cause of the lockdown so many things happen, things where not moving, businesses stagnant se.o many people were sack from their job because the company couldn’t afford to pay it workers anymore, and that has really affected some parents and it will be difficult to keep up with any demand from schools now because some have up to 4 to 5 children.

The resumption although people were expecting but within the time it was announced, and the time students are expected to resume is too short, they are suppose to be giving enough time to prepare mentally and physically before fully resuming activity, so students especially in those in the university are seeing themselves through school and will need time to put money together before going back to school.

The year is already finished, the federal government in my opinion should hold on for little more so that adequate preparation could be done and things to resume full my January.

This is my opinion so please guys share your know Opinions with me in the comment section below, thanks for your time.

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