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Breaking News! ! Two Police Killed By UnKnown Gunmen In Enugu State


It was recorded that unknown gunmen have attacked a security office department in the early hours of the morning killing two security personnel in the process.

Then incident happened in a popular local government area in enugu state and it has drawn attention from every corner of the state.

The security officials who were killed were top men who were assigned in that local government not long ago.

The incident made civilians to cry out because it has been a normal thing in which every single day police officials are killed one way or the other.


The bodies were taken quickly to the mortuary for verification and the police department was temporarily closed following the incident.

People who lived around the area explained that the unknown gunmen who made up the mess were not recognised because they use face mask to hide their identity.


Some of the police were deployed. to calm the situation so that people will not misinterprete the situation at that very instance.

The killing of security officials seems never to stop because it has gotten so bad that most police stations around the state tend to close early due to fear of being attacked at any time.

This attacks is are naturally common in the eastern region of the country and it has been confirmed.


People have been passing information that the attacks may have been from the IPOB Operative that is the the indigenous people of biafra because they have been responsible for similar attacks like this and that is why they are always prime suspects when they hear of any recent acts of such manner.

Not long ago report reached that IPOB Men attacked a popular senator’ s house and burned it down to the ground in the space of four hours.


The incident sparked so many reactions as police are trying their best to know the root of the wicked act.


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