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BREAKING: Are The Ododuwa Republic A Step Ahead Of Biafra? Checkout The New Currency They Just Released

As we all know, the prominent Biafra Republic which is known to be made up of the eastern part of the country has been trending for some time. Some easterners believe that they would be better off as a country on their own, while some others have not been too quick to accept it.

Well, the Igbos are not the only ones with dreams, the Western part of the country, mostly occupied by the Yorubas also seem to have a strong alliance of their own which is known as; The Ododuwa Republic.

A Yoruba group has gone ahead to lunch a new currency proposed to be for this Republic.

This new was identified as ‘FADAKA’ will is interpreted to be Silver, or can also be called ‘FAD’ for short.

This news came from was posted on Sunday 21 March 2021, via the Twitter ground handle Ododuwa Republic. Their words were:

“Ododuwa National Currency Shall be Called FADAKA, Meaning; Silver, or Short As FAD, Here is a 20 FADAKA Sample”.


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