BREAKING: One Killed, Corpse Set On Fire As Crisis Erupts In Abuja Over Alleged Blasphemy
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BREAKING: One Killed, Corpse Set On Fire As Crisis Erupts In Abuja Over Alleged Blasphemy

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Crisis erupted in Abuja over alleged blasphemy.

THE NATION REPORTERS reports that crisis has erupted in Abuja over alleged blasphemy.

It was gathered that a member of a vigilante group was killed in the Lugbe area of Abuja for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad.

It was further learnt that the mob killing occurred at the Timber market section of Fruit Market in Federal Housing Estate, Lugbe.

Eyewitnesses said the victim, a Muslim, was known of the act of insulting the prophet and the latest was on midnight of Saturday.

But the mob action took place around 1pm on Saturday after seeking refuge in the vigilante office in the market.

It was gathered the local security outfit was outnumbered before he was killed in front of the office, thereafter, burnt.

“The guy is known as Small Hundaru, that was not his first time of insulting the prophet before the action was taken,” said Halilu, a trader at the market.

“He was caught after buying food in the market in the afternoon, because when the blasphemy occurred it was just few people who were there, then a stick was used to hit him in the head. Though he had a gun with him, it was retrieved before the beating.

“Thereafter, he was stoned before he ran to the office. His colleagues at the office were aware but they couldn’t shield him due to the number of people that chased him. After he was unconscious, petrol was poured over him and not to stoke any fear in the market, he was burnt in front of the office.”

When our reporter visited the scene, the scorched tyres used in burning him could be seen while traders locked their shop in anticipation of any violence.

However, with the presence of policemen, the place was calm but three persons were said to have been shot by the policemen.

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