BREAKING: Onoh Nominates Chimaroke Nnamani As Atiku’s Running Mate

BREAKING: Onoh nominates Chimaroke Nnamani as Atiku’s running mate

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BREAKING: Onoh nominates Chimaroke Nnamani as Atiku’s running mate

By Dennis Agbo

A Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chieftain and Chairman of Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority, Denge Josef Onoh has suggested that the former Governor of Enugu state, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani should be chosen by the former Vice President and the Presidential candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as his running mate for the 2023 presidential election.

According to Onoh, Chimaroke Nnamani satisfies all parameters that could be used as prerequisite for one’s qualification to become a Vice President, noting that experience, service delivery and political sagacity counts for Nnamani.

In a statement he made available in Enugu, on Tuesday, Onoh described Nnamani as a phenomenon, whose established Ebeano political structure has outlived different forms of tsunamis and has continued to gain wide acceptability beyond the southeast region, but has gained national attraction and acceptability.

He recalled that Senator Chimaroke Nnamani had contested for the presidential ticket of the PDP in 2007, but adhered to the overall guiding PDP and national regulation of power rotation between the northern and southern Nigeria, which made it possible for Nnamani’s co-governor, late Umaru Musa Ya’Adua to emerge as the presidential candidate of the PDP and his subsequent victory.

Onoh also flashed back to the era that the Chimaroke Nnamani-lecture series electrified the nation with thematic topics that touched to the core values of nationhood and the ideological bent of a cohesive Nigeria with determined destiny of global competitiveness.

He stated that Nnamani is still being remembered as father of the modern day regional synergy, who reshaped Enugu state to become home foe all Nigerians, instead of home for the Eastern Nigeria, adding that as a philosopher king, Nnamani resonated the triangular allegory of maturity in Njepu, Olu and Ntozu, which are the accomplishments of every ambitious country to be in the league of Nations.

According to Onoh: “My choice of Chimaroke Nnamani as running mate to the PDP presidential candidate is anchored on the facts that Nnamani is infallible; I’ve worked with him when I was in the House of Assembly and I know him as a decisive and determined character. He is also a human resources manager and a nationalist who traversed the length and the breadth of Nigeria, engaging the nationalities of the country and was accepted as a Presidential aspirant.

“The state of the nation and its present polarities requires a Vice President that has the balls, and Nnamani is one man I can vouch for that he cannot betray anyone or the nation. As a Governor his achievements in the state have remained the modern day monuments of the state, such as in ESUT permanent site and Teaching hospital, the Ozalla and Nkwere-Inyi water schemes, the Z.C Obi link road, dualization of major streets in Enugu, the International Conference center, and many numerous landmark achievements to mention.

“Chimaroke Nnamani is among some of the rare men who are true to their words. The likes of Ahmadu Ali are among some of the prominent Nigerians who know Chimaroke Nnamani very well. His Ebeano polity dynasty produced a Senate President, a Deputy Senate President, Governors, Ambassadors and PDP party executive leaders.

“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo can still attest to the fact that Chimaroke Nnamani helped to stabilize the PDP when the party shook from its foundation. Atiku Abubakar is a friend to my father and in that honour I can vouch for Chimaroke Nnamani before Atiku Abubakar that Nnamani will be a unifying factor and can wage arsenals if the going gets tough. He has built bridges around the country since 1999 and shares the same vision with the PDP flagbearer.”

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