BREAKING: PDP Caucus Are Working Hard To Lose BOGORO Elections

PDP Caucus are working hard to Lose BOGORO Elections – Bukata Bukar

How PDP May Face Hurdles In Bogoro LGA

The Bauchi state Government has fixed Satuday, 17 October 2020, for the local government elections. The primary elections have commenced with APC having concluded its own and a winner emerged. The PDP will start its own tomorrow to conclude on Saturday. I congratulate the APC candidate and whoever may emerge the winner for PDP.
PDP Caucus are working hard to Lose BOGORO Elections – Bukata Bukar

However, my attention was drawn to a purpoted list of PDP stakeholders from Bogoro LGA for the puropse of the primary election with prominent names missing. When I inquired from those who should know, none of the sources confirmed how the list was drawn, with some claiming the list was sent from the state Party office in Bauchi.

For the avoidance of doubt, the definition of a “stakeholder” in politics is same as “caucus” and it basically involves persons that have occupied offices either as elected or appointed and are still in the Party. Therefore, for a state, it primarily consists of former and serving Commissioners, Assembly members, Special Advisers and Local Government Chairmen in addition to some other prominent persons, most often with the serving Commissioner as the Chairman of the stakeholders, except it is agreed to appoint another person usually a more experienced and politically exposed person. Suffice to mention that I was privileged to serve as Chairman of Stakeholders from my local govt for 8 years by virtue of my position as a Commissioner during the period.

The current understanding that a list of Bogoro PDP Stakeholders was sent from the Party with a lot of omissions smacks of suspicion and political undertone given the heighten political anxiety from the local govt. In a participatory democracy, the state office of the Party has no statutory power to draw a list from any local govt and impose same to the people as Stakeholders. If this is allowed to scale through, I can assure anyone that, such a party is heading for a failure in the local govt because no one will accept imposition of a candidate by whatever mechanism. For this reason, many of those whose names are omitted have viewed such action as deliberate rather than oversight and may choose not to support the Party in anyway during the local govt election. A stitch in time saves nine.

It is therefore my candid advise, that sentiment is put aside to do the right thing such that the ruling Party creates a good chance of performing better during the local govt election, otherwise I see the opposition carrying the day.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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