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BREAKING: Popular Politician Grandson Shot Dead

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Popular Politician Grandson has been shot dead.

According to reports, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson grandson was shot and killed on Sunday night. Police also said no suspects were in custody.

The CBS Cleveland affiliate WOIO-TV made this report of how the grandson, Frank Q. Jackson, 24, was shot near an intersection at about 9:10 p.m.

A law enforcement source familiar with the case told WOIO that shortly before his death, someone dropped him off nearby, after which someone ran out immediately and shot him multiple times.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, third from left, in grey shirt, with arms folded, at scene of fatal shooting of his grandson Frank Q. Jackson on night of September 19, 2021.WOIO-TV

Mayor Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin Williams were both at the scene for several hours, along with a sizeable number of police officers and other officials.

Police didn’t release information about possible suspects but asked the public to contact investigators with any information on the slaying.


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