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BREAKING: Prominent Nigerians Escape Death As Plane Crashes In Nigeria

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Passengers avoid a possible death when the aeroplane crashes in Ilorin.

The runway of the Ilorin International Airport has been closed following a flight incident in the fleet of Air Peace.

A large number of passengers, including several Nigerians who were extremely prominent, narrowly escaped death.

Due to the evacuation of the airliner, all flights to Ilorin have been cancelled.

The operation of Air Peace commenced at Ilorin Airport on June 16.

The accident reportedly occurred on Friday about 9:30 am, when the aeroplane touched down in Ilorin after having flown from Abuja .
Due to a tyre burst, a bang, and luggage falling on passengers, the cabin was affected.

The plane crash immobilised the plane on the runway, and there was no way to taxi it to the terminal.

The airport runway was closed to traffic for the last 24 hours.

Passengers were successfully removed from the runway during the time of the trauma.

In the meanwhile, efforts are still being made to move the jet from the runway, at the time of this report.

According to a source, it takes longer to move the plane from the runway because it is a larger aircraft and we don’t have any equipment.

The aeroplane is currently being dismantled. “It’s been 24 hours since we launched it,” the person stated.

The FAAN and other organisations have offered to keep the incident a secret.

The person added, “We were told to handle the problem.


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