Bride’s Sisters Twerk On The Groom As Tradition Says He’ll Not Marry The Bride If He Gets An Erection

The faithfulness of a woman in marriage is what debatably matters more in some patriarchal societies, but others also place a high premium on the fidelity of a man to his wife.

A dramatic video making the rounds shows a man lying on the floor while two ladies alleged to be the sisters of his bride twerk dangerously on him but woe unto him if his manhood erects.

According to reports, in the Cameroonian community where the interesting video was filmed, a man who intends to marry a particular woman must be tested to determine his level of faithfulness to his wife if he is faced with a temptation to cheat on his wife.

The groom’s prospective sisters-in-law are reportedly made to perform various twerk styles on him as he lies faceup but he must not get aroused or he forfeits the bride.

The video shows a certain determined man going through the traditional rite to allow him to marry the woman of his choice.

Men, would you pass that test if you found yourselves in that community?

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