“I Broke Up With My Boyfriend 3 Months Ago But I Can’t Just Get Him Out Of My Mind”- Lady Cries Out

A Nigerian lady identified as Mhiz Ose has taken to a Facebook Relationship and Marriage group to seek for a matured advice from people as she is currently losing her mind over her break-up with her ex boyfriend.

According to the young lady, they broke up barely 3 months ago but her inability to get him off her mind is making her go crazy. Though she didn’t specify what actually caused the breakup but from the her post, she still remembers the sweet memories they had and each time she sees his pictures, it makes her wishing to have him again.

She is currently in need of a matured advice because she find it very difficult to move on with her life.

My opinion.

If the break up was your fault, then apologize to him. He might be passing through the same pains but he’s waiting for you to call, but if you didn’t cause the break up, my dear you have to move on with your life. You need to understand that change comes in life. So your own change has come.

Change is constant in life, so value who values you and if he says it is over between two of you then turn back and tell him ‘thank you for given you an opportunity to get someone that is better than him’, he is not the end of the world for you.

Try as possible as you can to take him out from your mind. Delete all this pictures in your phone. Everything about him should be deleted from you because if you don’t so that then your next boyfriend will have to suffer for it because you can’t show him love and affection because of the memories of your ex boyfriend.

Do you think she should go back to her ex boyfriend as she can’t get over him? Share your thoughts on the comment section


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