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BRUTAL! ! ! Independence Day Protester Narrates How Soldier Tortured And Asked Him To Swim Inside Dirty Water


Ibrahim Kadiri, one of six Independence Day protesters arrested in Abuja on Friday for protesting against insecurity, and President Muhammadu Buhari’ s government has described how he was tortured and dehumanized by soldiers from the Federal Capital Territory Police Joint Security TaskForce.

According to a news report, the protesters were dispersed with tear gas and chased into the bush, where they were attacked and brutalized by armed security operatives led by female police officer ASP Altine Daniel, who came in a white Hilux vehicle at the protest venue.

Benjamin Mannaseh, Mohammed Labaran, Danjuma Patience, Kingsley Bala, and Ibrahim Kadiri are among the demonstrators who have been arrested and detained.


Ibrahim, who is still recovering, told the news correspondent about his ordeal immediately after they were released.

He was apprehended by police and hand over to soldiers alleged to be the team’ s ‘ torture squad, ‘ who tied and tortured him.

He claimed he was taken to a place near the Transcorp Hilton Abuja, where troops asked him to enter a drainage system filled with unclean water.

One of the members of the ‘ torture squad’ allegedly snatched his phone, removed the SIM card, and threw it into the drainage.

” , he explained ” I was detained by the police and handed over to the army. When we arrived at a spot near the Transcorp Hilton, they bombarded me with questions. They inquired that how much we were paid to protest. Who was it that sent us?

” They then instructed me to lie down in the dirty drainage water and swim like a fish. They had beaten me to the point where I didn’ t think I’ d be able to withstand it.


” Because of the discomfort, I am unable to walk as I speak to you. They are the ones who brutalize me, the troops are known as the ” torture squad. ”

It was reported the boy is still in pain and unable to move at the time of filing this report.

Benjamin Manasseh, one of the other detained protesters who also spoke to newsmen, claimed they were arrested after returning to the protest venue to search for their phones and other items that had gone missing after they were dispersed with tear- gassed.

He went on to say that they were escorted to the Galadima police station, from which they were transferred to Garki.

According to him, the station’ s Divisional Police Officer directed the officers to transport them to the headquarters of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS),

Manasseh claimed they were held in a ‘ Sanctuary Cell, ‘ which is reserved for the sick and those who have suffered gunshot wounds.


Manasseh explained, ” We were in the sanctuary cell when the officer in charge of the cell approached us and told us that we needed to give them money or call our family members to come and bail us out with N200, 000, but we told them that we had committed no crime. They abandoned us and told the cell’ s leader to continue assaulting us. ”

Meanwhile, It was learned that around 7: 00 p. m. on Saturday, the six protesters were released.

Recall that on Friday morning, protesters stormed Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Road in Abuja to protest insecurity, impunity, and inflation, among other issues.

They also urged President Muhammadu Buhari’ s resignation due to his incompetence, which has caused Nigerians tremendous suffering and anguish.


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