Buhari doesn’t have sense, Igbos are the Light – Hausa Man (Secret Tape)

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An Hausa man in a secret tape, speaks truth about the Igbos blasts Buhari says His government cannot move forward without recognizing the igbos.


“I have a lot of of Igbo friends, plenty, If i go to trade fair i don’t, i don’t buy cosmetics, they gift me.

“If you don’t defend an igbo man, you are lost already, because the secretive manuscript of mankind is in the hands of igbos they are born with it.

“Some of us, we came to meet the igbos in a country called Nigeria, they originated from the climate empire, the secret of this world is in the hands of the Igbos, don’t you know?

“Yes i bought foreign rice in festac yesterday, 16,500. you know there is one thing people don’t understand if they ban motors, igbos will do something, igbos are the black Jews and the Jews themselves are afraid of the igbos that is why they refused to claim them as Jews.

“My immediate younger brother is a major in Directives of military intelligence, he is now the Nigerian military attache to the Nigerian high commission in Pakistan, they went for one intelligence gathering; They went to a village in tashawa and met igbo guys entering Afghanistan, what are they going to do?, you can’t ask a jew to enter Afghanistan and they accept.

“When you befriend the igbos, they will vomit the little things you will need to know to survive.

“The MD of my company is an Igbo man, there was a time we spent more than 2 years without getting contract and he still pays us salaries and he even increased our salaries that period…

“The reason why Babangida remained relevant in Nigeria is because he dined and wined with the Igbos, when babangida was the head of state, he doesn’t go to government house, he sleeps in an Individual igbo house.

“Have you ever heard any assignation attempt on Babangida after he left power? “there was nothing like that”.

“who is fooling who? Do you know that in my state (Niger state) the Biggest Rice farmers are igbos, they have pushed our people out, they are the one in charge of rice farming in Niger state. They are also the ones buying local rice in the north that is why other tribes hate igbos because they don’t know how they make their money, can’t you see how they took over festac in Lagos? they are like Jews. (giving instances).

“Buhari made a mistake when he came in as the president, had it been he that he seek for the support of the igbos in his government, Nigeria wouldn’t have been where it is Today, he said he doesn’t have anything to do with the igbos look at where we are today.

“America is the Number one criminal country in the world, it is the igbos that will teach you the best, they will tell you what you are supposed to do to succeed.

“We should not lie to our-self, if you are talking about the real sector of the economy, it is the igbos that shade the economy, because you go to Mandalas, Alaba, Ladipo, you will see a small boy will count over $100,000 going to china to buy goods.

“Had it been that buhari have sense, he would have called igbo business men in Nigeria and tell them that we want Light in Nigeria by now we would have gotten light, because the igbos will go to any country and get Light.

“Nigeria is not moving forward, we are sitting on the tight form, waiting to explode and people don’t know, am afraid now, i have started processing my document, by Next year i will leave this Nigeria and will never come back.

He also spoke about osinbajo, Obasanjo, Tinubu, Bad roads, crimes, and security challenges.




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Written by Mc Ebisco

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