Buhari Has Deployed Military To Imo State, While Terrorists Are In Kaduna State Abducting- Aisha Yesufu


According to verified reports, It was reported that the Nigerian army clashed with the members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in the state of Imo.

According to the report, many houses were burned down during the clash.

On the basis of this memorandum, a popular human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu Points out that President Buhari has deployed military personnel to Imo State, while notorious bandits and terrorists are in Kaduna state murdering and kidnapping innocent Nigerians.

In her words, she said, ” Buhari has deployed the military to Imo State to maim, torch and kill! Terrorists are in Kaduna State abducting and killing. ”

See the screenshot below:

Note that bandits attacked several passengers along Kaduna- Abuja Expressway.

Also, according to a reliable source, several innocent people were kidnapped, while others were killed in the attack.

Let’ s take a look at some reactions from people online below:

” Hope is the one asking the Army to kill. . . I don’ t think it’ s Buhari. ”

” We have less than 15 months to go, am sure u have a lot of followers on your social media platform, pls encourage them to get their PVC to make sure they vote this time. We are gathering tomorrow’ s champions, we are breading tomorrow’ s leaders. The 3rd force is asking for 30m votes”

” You know soft targets in war is easier to decimate. Kaduna na for the men, while IMO are for the boys. Unfortunately, we are still searching for men”

” As it stands now, I think that the Nigerian military should try and pay more attention on what is going on in the northern part, because the north is facing more insecuriy problems now. ”

” Their Governor, Hope Uzodimma, has severally invited the army on his people, how come nobody is holding him responsible? ”

” Buhari has deployed military to Imo state to main, torch and kill Terrorists who are in Kaduna State abducting and killing. A bit confusing. ”

” If you are not following me please do, i will surely follow you back”

” After pretending you’ re complaining you still want One Nigeria. What difference does your tweet make? Enjoy the limelight. ”

” Wonder what Northerners think about Buhari. Can’ t believe they can be so quiet. ”

” I’ m currently thinking of where my next meal will come from under buhari”

” Madam, when you start a tweet with Buhari, it’ s a bit visually confusing at first because I see ‘ Aisha’ above ‘ Buhari’ . Just on a lighter note😊”

” A top army officer was killed recently in the North How many houses and people property did they destroyed there”

” Anyone or group of persons that disrupts the peace of the good people of Imo state should be dealt with period🙌🏼”

” It tells you his agenda in the east. Can’ t wait for him to go to jail for crime against humanity when he leaves office. Wicked tyrant”

” They are not soldier, they are repented Boko Haram members, if you look at there activities in the east now, is there any different from there activities before they repented according to Nigeria government? Nigeria is a terrorist. ”

” One Nigeria, one terrorists are ravaging the north, state terrorists in uniform will be ravaging the south. “

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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