Buhari Hired A Blackmailer To Take Me Down, But God Used Another Buhari To Spoil His Plan – Omokri

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Reno Omokri, former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has been in the eye of the storm of late, after a lady named Natasha Akpoti accused him of giving her a pass during a visit in Aso Rock in 2014.

Natasha further alleged that Reno did not only gave her a pass but also used is power as media aide to the president to include many of his mistresses in the SURE-Program which the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan initiated in order to empower millions of Nigerian youths

Though the fiery U.S based pastor has denied the allegations, describing it as a ploy by President Muhammadu led administration to taint his image.

Reno through series of posts on his official Facebook page said that the very time Miss Natasha Akpoti said he made the pass to her was not adding up, and that within that very time frame he was out of the country for a vacation

He however, said the attempt by president Buhari administration to blackmail him has failed as God used another Buhari to scuttle it.

Reno said, “The funniest part of it is that the name of the man that helped me secure the final evidence from British Airways is BUHARI.

“You can’t make these things up. It is almost spiritual. One Buhari sponsored a blackmailer to take me down, God used another Buhari to spoil his plan!

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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