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Buhari is a curse because he allowed Ghana to persecute and humiliate Nigerians – Femi Kayode

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People are trying to drag Ghana into the recent Xenophobia attack on foreigners especially Nigerians in South Africa.

Femi Kayode, who is the former spokesman to President Obasanjo and a former minister of Culture, Tourism and aviation has called out Ghanaians for persecuting and humiliating Nigerians. He said Buhari is curse.

He said: “South Africa kills Nigerians. Czech Rep. pays Nigerians money to leave and never come back. Angola says it does not want Nigerians. Congo storms and takes over the Nigerian Embassy. Libya buys and sells Nigerians. Ghana persecutes and humiliates Nigerians. 😭.Buhari is a curse!”

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He continued: “Look at what Buhari has reduced us to! The SouthAfricans will pay dearly for this affront! If I were President of Nigeria no SouthAfrican or South African company would feel safe in Nigeria at this point.Buhari will not be there forever and we have long memories!They WILL pay!😡”

“Had it been Aguiyi-Ironsi, Murtala Mohammed, Sani Abacha, OBJ, IBB or GEJ there is NO way Nigerians will be slaughtered in South Africa without a real threat of war.Buhari has proved himself to be a weak leader,a chicken-hearted scarecrow,a toothless bulldog and a bloody coward.”

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