Buhari May Be Kidnapped – Buba GaladimaBuhari May Be Kidnapped – Buba Galadima
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Buhari May Be Kidnapped – Buba Galadima

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Buhari May Be Kidnapped – Buba Galadima

A former ally of President Muhammadu Buhari, Buba Galadima, has warned that the president might be abducted if the security issue in the country is not attended to.

This is coming after terrorists responsible for the kidnapping of passengers on an Abuja-Kaduna bound train threatened to kidnap President Buhari.

The terrorists also threatened to reign havoc on the country.

Galadima, in an interview with BBC Hausa service, said the bandits are not scared of President Buhari’s administration.

The elder statesman further stated that people were scared of Buhari at the beginning of his government, but he has been exposed to be toothless.

He claimed that the president does not know anything and can not do anything either.

Galadima added that the only available option is for Nigerians to either continue praying or arm themselves.
Bandits Abduct Army Captain, 13 Soldiers In Abuja

He said, “These bandits are disdainful to the Buhari administration. At the beginning of the government, everybody was scared of him (Buhari); expected him to be brave before he was now exposed to being toothless.

“Buhari knows nothing, he can’t do anything, that is why you see government officials are siphoning billions from public property and nobody can stop them.

“If care is not taken, sooner or later Buhari too can be kidnapped considering the way security issues are ignored.

“The only option available now is to either continue praying or arm ourselves for protection but if we depend on this government, definitely we will be killed.”

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