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‘Buhari Is Ready’- See What He Has Ordered The Army To Do To All Terrorists In Nigeria And Africa

The country is currently in danger as terrorists have greatly caused harm on Nigeria. The Northern states have been greatly affected by these groups who have launched several attacks citizens of the country. Despite efforts of the military who gave tried to conquer these forces, it seems their labour us in vain.

The grand commander of the federal republic, President Buhari has reacted to the recent killings in Zambarmari as he sympathized with the dead people in Borno state. He has therefore ordered the total destruction of the terrorist groups who have always caused trouble for Nigerians. He declared their activities as barbaric, gruesome and wicked acts which shouldn’t be tolerated again.

He also added that more cooperation has been intensified with other neighbouring countries inorder to strengthen security in West Africa and to protect our people. He has also said that the army will continue attacking these terrorists who don’t want the progress of the nation and Africa as a whole.

Many have expected the Presidency to take full actions to stop the spread of these evil men and women who specialize in kidnapping, murder and several order harms. However, he has shown full support to clear all the evil men and we hope a full realization. What do you think about this? Is the President ready to destroy the terrorists? Share your views below and don’t forget to follow me for more interesting articles.

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