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Buhari Speaks On Nigeria’s Borders Hours After Sunday Igboho Promised To Reopen Them

President Muhammadu Buhari has acknowledged that closing Nigeria’s borders for more than a year has not prevented illicit arms from entering the country. On Thursday evening, the president announced this in a statement released by his media aide, Femi Adesina.

According to the president, the proliferation of weapons in the Sahel region will not stop as long as Libya remains stable. He said that Gadaffi recruited many militants from various countries to remain in power for a long time and that many of the militants fled Libya with their weapons after Gadaffi was killed.

Buhari made this statement just hours after Chief Sunday Igboho promised to reopen the federal government’s closed South West borders. Igboho, who announced that Yoruba land is no longer a part of Nigeria, lamented that there is hunger in the land as a result of President Buhari’s closure of the country’s borders. He pledged to reopen the borders and take charge of Yoruba land’s international airport and seaports.

He also claimed that Fulanis in the Lagos seaports and Seme border areas should leave immediately because he will mobilize his boys to take charge of the facilities as soon as possible.

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