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While Buhari Is In UK For Medical Check-up, U.S. Makes A Revelation About His Administration

Yet another interesting gist is about to grace your screen from us, recall that the presiding President of Nigeria is currently in the UK for his Medical Check-up routine, he does that frequently.

While Buhari is away, his Vice, Osibanjo has been actively involved in handling the nation’s affairs until he returns even though rumors have it that the President will govern the nation from the UK. Wait, which country does that? I believe that the president is not power-drunk to take such a rootless decision.

The news reaching us this morning conveys that the U.S has slammed President Buhari’s administration, stating that corruption became more rampant under his watch, Nigeria was much better than under the leadership of the past governments he once criticized.

The U.S further said that President Buhari’s government has failed to take action to curb widespread looting using existing laws that criminalize theft in public service. This gave governors and other politicians the free will to dive into all sorts of corruption practices without looking back. The laws are only used against the government officials who they wish to bring down.

Do you agree that Nigeria is more corrupt now than in the past years?

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