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Businesses You Can Start Up With ₦20,000 And Never Be Broke Again

Small scale businesses have served as a lucrative avenue for serious minded individuals to venture into and take their own share of the spoils. When people are looking for jobs or the easiest way of making money in Nigeria, the first thing that comes in mind is going into a small business.

For such reasons, I will be sharing with you some of the businesses you can venture into with as little as 20k. With this amount ₦20,000, you can start your own lucrative business in Nigeria.

There are so numerous businesses you can start with just ₦20,000 in this country, so many graduates out there are into businesses as the white-collar jobs are not easy to get.

Below are listed some businesses you can start with ₦20,000:

1. Snail farming.

Just like the previous two options, this type of farming does not require a lot of money or space to start. However, it will bring you quite the profits in a very short time. Snails multiply really fast, and they are very easy to care for. People love eating snail most especially people watching their weight and want to reduce eating meat.

2. Dry cleaning/laundry.

Starting a laundry business without the machine and renting a shop is very cheap, you only need #20000 for detergents, hanger, and iron and you are good to go. But if you want it bigger, you may need more than #20000. In order to fit into ₦20,000 budget, you need to have a place, a washing machine, and an iron already in your possession. Most of your money will go into buying detergents and advertising your business.

3. Cloths Selling:

Have you noticed that people tend to admire and compliment the clothes you wear?

You can also go into selling Men and Women wears at an affordable price so you can get more customers to patronize you and once you get the customer base. You can get cheap clothes to wash and package them and advertise on all your social media

4. Printing recharge cards:

The telecommunications industry is big and lucrative enough to accommodate you with your little capital as the demand for recharge cards is insatiable. In case you didn’t know, you do not need millions to start printing and selling recharge cards. Most of the recharge cards you buy were made by regular people. You can go to your local dealer and register with them to distribute the recharge PINs.


All you need is a computer, a printer, and the dealer’s software. This way, you will be able to sell recharge cards with as little as ₦20,000 for startup capital. For every recharge PIN, you buy you get some profit on it when you resell. It’s a good and lucrative business to start.

5. Beans Flour:

It might be too expensive to start your own beans farm, therefore it is advisable you get beans from a wholesaler and grind them into a powder form package and label it. The powder form can be used to make Moi Moi, Akara, and so many others. Some people at home seeks to avoid the stress of soaking beans and washing it to make Akara and Moi Moi, but will gladly buy the powder just get and do the mixing with the necessary ingredients to prepare the needful.

6. Poultry farming.

Poultry farming is another lucrative business you can start with just N20000. You can get birds at a cheaper price and rare them till they become matured (within 6 weeks) which you can also get more from it. The hen reproduces which can be selling of the eggs and also incubating the eggs for more chicks to be produced. During festive season like Christmas, Easter and all, this is the period a poultry farmer gets more profit when so many people buy chicken.

7. Fish farming.

You can make use of your backyard to start your fish fishery. You can construct a small basin, buy a few fish and fish feed, and you are ready. Fish and fish feed is relatively cheap, and the end product is very profitable.

The practical application of all these businesses will be posted so do well to share and follow me so you get the notification.



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