BUSTED! See The Nollywood Actress Who Begged Wizkid To Date Her So That She Can Have More Respect And Fame

I guess you must have heard of the Nollywood actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson and for those who do not know her, we will give a little rundown of her career so far. DSF as her initials connotes is a Nigerian-British actress who is most prominent for her role in MTV base’s HIV sensitization series called Shugar.

Fapson was born in London in the 1990s. Her mother died when she was 14 and she took her first degree in Criminology England. She then went on to study acting in New York. Asides her role as Sophie in the Sugar series, DSF is also known for her infamous way of chasing clout on social media. A particular situation in mind was the moment she claimed an uber driver assaulted her but it turned out that she was the guilty party who quickly took to social media to play the victim card.


Back to our main gist for this article, many thought Wizkid and Dorcas hit it off as a couple in 2018 but everything came crashing as fast as the news made the rounds on social media. The relationship which started after Wizzy dumped his long time ex-girlfriend, Anita, sparked a lot of interest as DSF shared photos of herself and Wizkid celebrating New Year’s Eve of 2018 together in new York.

.Well, let us burst your many assumptions and tell you what is really went down in the camps of Shola and Wizkid. This is the breakdown of the whole love connection between them, which went viral on blogs!

An inside source from Wizkid’s camp claims that all the Social Media posts, the loved up pics and all, is just a sham/scam. The insider said that, all these started after a rep from Shola’s team contacted Starboy and made it known that they would be needing publicity for Shola and he could play a vital role in helping her career.


Well, Starboy who does not say no to women, decided to help out, after all, it is always a win-win situation for him. The source claims that to show it is a sham, Wizkid and his Social Media handlers will never upload any picture of Shola and himself or even a single picture of Shola on his Social Media pages.

And the claim was true because Wizkid never posted any photos of them together till the whole noise died down.

Now, the question is, what could Wizkid have gained from her in return, if all this is true? Hmmm,…Your guess is as good as mine

P.S: I am a huge fan of Dorcas Shola Farson

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