CALAMITY Befalls VP Osinbajo As He Lament, Says He Is Innocent Of This Deadly Accusation


Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has denied having any link to the collapsed 21- story building in Ikoyi, Lagos.

At least 36 people have perished as a result of the fallen building, and other people are still trapped beneath the wreckage of the structure.

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, the vice president is believed to be the owner of the land on which the collapsed building was constructed.

The developer of the building, Femi Osibona who was also killed in the fall was reported to have been ” fronting” for Mr. Osinbajo.

The Vice President, according to Laolu Akande, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, has no interest whatsoever in the property, according to a statement released on Friday.


In response to the report, Mr. Osinbajo said he does not own and has never owned the affected land. He described it as a ” sponsored falsehood. ”

He has also never been involved in the development of this or any other land in any way, shape, or form since he was appointed Vice President.

In no event did the Vice President purchase this or any other piece of land from Chief Michael Ade. Ojo, nor did he enter into any transaction for the sale of that land or any other piece of land from Chief Ade. Ojo or anyone else for that matter. In the announcement, it was said that all property and assets owned by Vice President Osinbajo have been publicly declared according to the statement.


The vice president was also accused of interfering with the reopening of the building after it was closed down by the Lagos state government due to structural and building faults, according to the article.

Also, while acknowledging that a new revenue allocation formula for the country has been long overdue, the Federal Government reaffirmed that it must be based on the functions that have been legally assigned.

This is even though it has praised the statewide consultation process that has been carried out to obtain the views of as many Nigerians, committees, and stakeholders as possible to ensure that the exercise has a highly responsive outcome for Nigerians.


At a time when the Niger Delta area is fighting an alleged scheme by some federal legislators to eliminate the 13 percent oil- derived revenue, which they see as an invitation to anarchy, this development comes as a welcome relief.

In the past, it was stated that a measure with the intent to repeal Section 162, subsection 2 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) was being sponsored by no fewer than 59 members of the House of Representatives from the northern part of the country.


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